The goal in all my classes is to feed the need for child-like creativity and inspiration while providing a safe space for experimentation with the postures. 
On land, I primarily teach Hatha or Vinyasa Flow but I also teach restorative classes. 
In addition to mat classes, I teach Aerial Yoga and SUP Yoga! I also teach Tarot Flow classes and Wheel Yoga.
I like to work with core energy, expressive dance-like sequences, building strength and endurance by holding poses, flowing through them to enhance creativity and intuition, then cooling the body down to take flight in our final resting posture. 

Now teaching  :
J.Rouge In-Person Classes - Aerial Yoga & Yoga  email :
Neverland Virtual Classes - Vinyasa, Wheel, and Restorative email :

For additional group class information or schedule, please contact me!

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